The creator wearing the granny square sweater

That project I loved doing : Granny square sweater

I stumbled upon an amazing granny square blanket at the thrift store the other day. Everything was perfect : the colours, the stitches, the size. The yarn was also a nice wool type of yarn (maybe not 100% wool, but it felt really nice).


I fell in love and quickly grabbed it. The only thing was the amount of holes this beauty concealed. I thought to myself that I couldn't pass it up even with all the holes, so leaved the store with it in hand


I then had to choose what to create with it. I was debating a sweater or bags - as I made some granny square bags a while ago and they were popular. But as the trend of granny square sweater is to a peak, I caved in and went this direction. I choose a simple silhouette with nice big sleeves to make it the perfect end of summer days sweater. Beach night or campfire, it will give you a nice layer without suffocating you.


I went to work and sewed it all up. The big parts were stitched by machine and the details and fine tuning by hand.  You can check the patching up here on Tiktok.


Now check the result :


I still have some squares left, who knows what I'll make with them ;)

You can buy the Granny Square Sweater HERE

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