About Me

Created in 2017, L’Atelier Brodé is the creative space made by Ève Vaillancourt. Inspired by all kind of textile art, she creates cute things for your everyday life. Her main passion is embroidery but other textile art sparks joy, think about knitting, crocheting, tapestry weaving, sewing and screen printing!

Since each embroidery designs starts with a sketch, Ève also have a lot of interest in drawing. She starter in 2021 MinMin Illustration to share her work. The main energy is playful and colorful things that can be enjoy from 0 to 99+ years old.



L’Atelier Brodé works hard to have the most sustainable practices. Here’s what is done:

Packaging :

  • 100% compostable mailers.
  • Reused packing material from past order to wrap your items. Think about bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and tissues.
  • 100% recycled paper for the thank you cards.
  • The package is put together with thrifted yarn.

Clothing :

  • The One of a Kind section features only thrifted items that are embroidered by Ève.
  • L’Atelier Surcyclé is made from upcycled fabric or old clothes to give them a new purpose.
  • Clothing tags are made in Canada from a local business.


  • By using the Society6 website, this ensures that each items are only made to order. This prevent overstock and waste.

The next goal

  • Ève is always striving for more sustainability. She wants to have a more ethical clothing blanks in the near future.

To know a bit more about me, you can read a feature HERE.


If you just want to support L'Atelier Brodé without buying anything :)